D I E - L E T Z T E - R E I S E


Hoping to go on one last voyage around the world to then settle in your final resting place? With the help of The Last Voyage, there’s no need to pick just one final resting place because you can be sent around the world to travel across many seas and destinations across our mother earth. 

With The Last Voyage, we break down international barriers and allow you to follow your loved one on their final journey, no matter where you live. Your ashes will be released in a customizable coconut urn fitted with GPS communication, allowing your loved ones to follow you on your final journey via our website and notifications.

Where your connection stops, this will be your final resting place. It could be a nice beach in the Bahamas or on the rocks of any island surrounding the Ocean Coast.


At the Last Voyage, we take the time to ensure your urn is worthy of your final journey. The urns will be made out of the finest coconuts and polished and personalized to your liking with a laser printer. All urns are produced in Island Nations using local materials, helping to create jobs for the local population. We give you the opportunity to choose a portrait, a meaningful phrase, or a photo that you would like to represent your Urn during its final voyage.

The lid of the urn will also be made out of coconut, and this is where the GPS tracker will be securely held. The entire urn is made from biodegradable materials to protect the environment. You also have the option to fit sensors in the urn to help you track the movements of the ocean. 

We will take care of creating your urn and you have the opportunity to pick what ocean stream you would like to travel in. We can provide you with your local ocean streams where your family can travel out to say their farewells as they send you on your last voyage.

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History of The Last voyage

Over 26 years ago I was sitting with my dear friend Jerome in the bar in MS Connexion in Mannheim Germany. Not knowing how to approach the subject of his upcoming funeral (since he was very sick), I started to tell him about my dreams about this.
Since we were both seamen – I was in the navy and he was an entertainer on cruise ships, I told him:
“When I die, I would like to travel one more time around the world in the ocean. I like to send signals every couple of weeks so my family can see where I am, even when I am no longer with them.”
He then told me that he wanted to have a sea burial. I then knew what he wanted, and his urn was later buried at the Baltic Sea.
But my idea kept staying in my head since then……